May 19th 2023

WIHH Gallery Amsterdam



People’s Favorite

People’s Favorite


Young Talent

Artists with a maximum of 25 years old can apply. Age to 25, Has street work, Originality, and creativity.

Studio GiftigDen Haag

Intense mural by 8.6

We award the most intense mural. Apart from creativity and originality, quality, and techniques we also look at the concept with regard to the environment and format of the mural.

Leon KeerOostende Belgie

Global mural

Walls made by Dutch artists outside of the Netherlands. Apart from creativity and originality, quality, and techniques we also look at the concept with regard to the environment and format of the mural.

Sanne GijsbersHeerlen

Freshest Photo

We award portfolios of vibrant street art or graffiti photographers. Active street art/graffiti photographer, Originality, creativity, Street Art = Street Life. Stand out by taking a great street photo supported by art. (Street Art/Graffiti must be present in the photo.)

StreetartfrankeyAmsterdam Noord

Most Inventive

Work has to be on the streets. Creativity, medium, Placement, message

The Secret GardenAmsterdam

Local Initiative

Apart from creativity, originality, and quality we also look at the line-up, professional setup, local governments' support, and visitors' feedback.

Nils westergardNDSM

Best Message

It’s always nice to see the work of certain artists who are willing to spread their message through the Street Art form. We’re looking for the best message to award this way of communication.

Meet the Jury Members

The Dutch Street Art Awards support all artists and street culture by making it more visible. That’s why we award inspiring creative work and supporting activities. Murals, stencils, posters, stickers, installations, sculptures are judged by experts from a wide orientated creative field. With the main focus on creativity and originality, but also by quality, techniques and category-specific aspects.

Oscar van der Voorn
Owner GO Gallery 3x winner of the Greatest Gallery award
Joost van Bellen
Art lover, former night mayor, writer and DJ
Rico de Lange
Executive Creative Director at Boomerang Agency part of Publicis Groupe
Cathelijne Blok
Journalist, art historian, DISCO feminist Boss at The Titty Mag
Judith de Leeuw
Professional artist and winner of the Young Talent Award

Aftermovies from Previous Editions


Terms and Conditions

Does the entry fit within the category? Does the entry comply with the conditions? Is the entry unique and not a copy from something else?
If one of the 3 questions above is answered with no, it cannot enter!

Submission closes at 10th of May.
Voting peoples favorite will be from 11th of May till 18th of May.

  • Creativity and originality
  • Quality and techniques
  • Category-specific aspects
  • Non-Violent, racist, or sexist artworks

Artwork must be made between january 11, 2019 and March 30, 2023.

All the work must have been made in The Netherlands, A gallery has to have a branch in The Netherlands.

Artists must live in The Netherlands or have a passport from The Netherlands.

Submitted material will only be used for the Street Art Awards and will not be used for commercial purposes.

Submitted material can be used to promote the Street Art Awards. If submitted material will be used, the artist will always be named.

The application form needs to be filled out in Dutch or English.

Sending in work doesn’t automatically give you admission to the Street Art Awards ceremony. Nominees do have free admission to the Street Art Awards ceremony. Further information about the event will be sent in writing.

The nominees will be informed by e-mail. To prevent communication problems, a e-mail address of the concerning artist is required.

Judges that are somehow involved with an entry have to communicate it to the organization and will be excluded from judging that entry.